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The company has also developed its own assistant, which connects with more than 5, devices in the home. Google has been creating industry standards for AI as well, primarily through its own language called TensorFlow. Also, Google is a top player in autonomous vehicles. Finally, the valuation of GOOG stock is at reasonable levels, with the forward price-to-earnings ratio at That puts it at the top of the heap among artificial intelligence stocks.

The technology was initially focused on the gaming market. To this end, the company has sold them to companies for use in datacenters and autonomous vehicles.

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No doubt, it has been a very good move. But then again, a premium is to be expected for a company that is a leader in a massive industry. The company has been developing this type of technology for many years. For example, back in , it developed its AI computer called Deep Blue. The computer won.

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IBM has definitely had its troubles. But the investments in AI and other cutting-edge technologies have been making a difference. This has helped improve the growth rate of the overall business. IBM stock also has an attractive dividend yield, which is at 4. This is one of the highest in the tech industry. And its valuation is reasonable as well. Yext has also added context and intent to all this, which allows for more accurate real-time searches. Its growth has been strong, as the company has been getting a great deal of traction with enterprise customers.

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  3. The Objective Standard: Fall 2008, Vol. 3, No. 3.
  4. This has helped it personalize the search experience and improve the impact of online ads. The company has created several platforms for third parties.

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    One is DuerOS, which has an installed base of million devices and processes over million queries a month. Then there is Apollo. It is an AI system for autonomous vehicles. The same can even be said for other emerging markets.

    Across 15 emerging countries for two decades until , there was no positive correlation between rising GDP and stock market returns, according to a study at the London School of Business. Through , China was the fastest growing emerging market economy, averaging 9. At the same time, its stock market returned an annualized negative 5.

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    Traders bought. That might be because Chinese stocks were never about free markets per se. The decision to open stock markets happened in , following the Tiananmen Square massacre, followed by political infighting to determine whether China would continue follow capitalist reforms or turn back towards socialism. There were street markets popping up in Shenzhen where people started exchanging shares. The Party sanctioned stock markets in response to these street markets—to control social unrest—and make the SOEs more competitive as it embraced capitalist reforms.

    Those pictures with a bunch of red numbers splattered across the boards? That marks an up day. Red is an auspicious color in China and means positive; green means negative.

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    The recession in the manufacturing sector could drag the entire economy into low growth and create large numbers of unemployed. The government has been propping up a weak yuan over the past couple weeks with daily interventions and the central bank is worried about capital outflows further weakening the currency and economy. The service sector showed rare weakness last month. The Chinese economy is looking as vulnerable as its been in years.

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