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Sara Pinto Ph. E-mail: sara. Jan 3, You can read this book with iBooks on your. Desde os anos 70 que Braudel sublinha a. Apr 12, Ever wonder what the lifestyle of a flight attendant is like? Whether you are newly hired or on the track to becoming a. Nov 20, Posts about Sara Pinto written by Sue Schlabach twigandvine. Sara Pinto Keagle. Whether you are newly hired or. Lo trovi nel reparto Narrativa italiana di IBS. Born Name. Sara Pinto Sampaio. Gorgeous Princess Sara Pinto Sampaio. Once this is sorted out we then look at closer details of the route through each continent based on how viable it is to fly over the different terrain and related safety factors.

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The sea crossings are kept to a minimum and alternative landing areas along the route are considered. This sometimes results in us not planning the shortest route but rather the safest route with the most alternatives. The next step is to do research on each country to check the viability of flying through the area, the location of all the airports, especially the airports of entry and exit for customs purposes. Availability of fuel and the local situation and customs are an important consideration.

At the same time we have to be open minded and not influenced by the perceptions developed through inaccurate reports and rumours.

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The internet is a fantastic source of information for this purpose and through the web pages we have made contact with people all over the world who have been incredibly helpful with their local knowledge and are assisting in planning the adventure. It is great to discover the interesting facts about all these countries, some of which we were unaware of how prosperous and dynamic they are. Some of this will be arranged prior to our departure and some will be processed while we are traveling. For now it is goodbye until we have some more interesting updates.

There was no discussion of how far, when or where such an adventure would take place, just plenty of idle chatter. We organized and flew several adventure flights around Southern Africa and each time adding to the pipe dream of a big flight, possibly around the world.

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Like most dreams the actual thought of doing such an adventure seemed beyond our means and the enormity of the task was just too daunting to even contemplate. It would also be too irresponsible to take so much time off and we definitely could not afford such a trip. So ideas were tempered and yet another dream was shelved. Occasionally the idea was mentioned and several people had a good laugh about it.

We did the only thing we could and laughed with them to save being too embarrassed. One day in Botswana under the boiling hot African sun we started convincing ourselves that it was possible to fly around the world on microlights and agreed that we would do it. The route was plotted, distances, fuel and costs etc. Sponsors would not be able to resist this opportunity. Reality check! So we sat down and reassessed costs and looked at all the possibilities.

Sell everything we got. Not enough. Sell ourselves. No Takers. Then we spoke to equipment suppliers and manufacturers of microlights who responded with enthusiasm. They have been of such great assistance that together with selling our souls we will be well positioned to make it at least as far as China.

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It will have to be a bread and water diet which will add to making the adventure interesting and fun. At this stage we are still pursuing sponsorship but have several enterprising backup plans to generate funds on route.

The reality has set in sometime back that we are going to have to make sacrifices like Alan not getting married and work hard to make this adventure happen. This far it has been enjoyable and we hope it will be fun for everyone too. Ricky Sept 1 Port Elizabeth Update on the technical stuff. Well if no news is good news, then things down in PE have been going well. And in truth they have. The aircraft are rapidly reaching completion and although it has taken a few weeks longer than hoped, the wait should be well rewarded.

What has truly amazed me has been the enthusiasm of everyone who has got involved. The learning curve has been steep but the contacts and friends! The same guy that spent many late nights getting the engine brackets welded and endured endless probably stupid questions about what materials to use and where to get them.

Also on the equipment side the help and advice has been astounding. When I ordered our intercoms from Buzzcom I could hardly have expected what met me when I went to collect them.

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Larry, Arthur and the whole crew were there with far more than we ordered. Two great helmets with built in head-sets and ice cold beer to celebrate! Then its off to Solowings in Durban for the final fitting and a test flight for Ricky and myself, Durban to home How bad can it be?

Two things: 1. No, this isn't Sadam's bunker 2. Yes, I am single. On the serious side, a few changes had to be made. The initial batch of switches just didn't cut it so they were all dumped in favour of some very nice weatherproof ones care of the local sailing shop. By 2am on Thursday morning things were nearing completion and here are the two panels ready for testing We hooked them up on Friday and low and behold, no smoke, fire or disturbing noises — just crystal clear communications and the familiar Stratomaster boot-screen.

I guess that best sums up the weekend. Original plan was for Ricky to arrive on Friday and help ferry the undercarriages to Durban but with the finishing touches taking a bit longer than hoped, we chose to delay for a week and do things to our satisfaction.

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Ricky arrived on Friday evening and we headed straight to the hangars to reassure him that all his hard earned money was in fact not being wasted. I think he approved of what he saw because later in the evening he bought the first round. I think he also approved of the Friendly City's hospitality… We me Saturday at the hangars around 10am, both wishing the doors didn't face east into a rather bright very late sunrise. With no time to loose we got stuck in and eventually I learned just to ignore Ricky's ongoing complaints that he couldn't have been involved from the start.

By 6pm we were both worked out but had made good progress and were happy to call it a day and head for a quiet dinner. Sunday and more bright sunshine, thankfully not as bright as the day before. Another full day but excellent progress and after discovering a deliberate! Note: don't just read the manual, actually pay attention when doing so! With the throttles now in the right position, we cranked her over again and suddenly there was life. A scan of the Stratomaster Extreme revealed all was well and for a few minutes we could just sit back and enjoy the fruits of six months work.

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The temptation was very strong just to let the run on into the night but common sense prevailed and we soon exchanged the fire extinguishes for a bottle of champagne and drank to the first major milestone. After all, we were just towing the undercarriages to the factory in Durban for final fitting. All started well.