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Create a separate tour budget for the trip. What will you include? Students work in groups to create an advertising brochure for their hometown, attempting to attract tourists.

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Include persuasive writing in the brochure to assist with convincing people to learn about your hometown. Display tour brochures and budgets in a "Traveling in Style" exhibit. Invite parents to view the display and write comments about the work using small sticky notes. Post these around the children's work.

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Travel in a Time-Machine Tunnel. Print Share. Provide students with the opportunity to investigate several significant historical events, from their home country, or international events. There may be a theme to the investigation, such as the development of space flight, farming improvments, or advancements in technology. Once research is complete, students draw a long straight line on a safe place on the sidewalk or school playground with Crayola 3-D Sidewalk Chalk. Get started today.

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Time Machine - KS 2

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The Time Machine Lesson Plans for Teachers

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More presentations by Mycah Sarmiento Sengoku Period. Mycah Project sem 2. Plastic Formation Chemistry project In their restful ease, the Eloi have grown weak, while the Morlocks have grown strong. He imagines that both are the descendents of man, and that the instinct against cannibalism must have gone out of style. He also imagines that his journey into the underworld must have horribly upset the Morlocks. Nervous, the traveller hastens to find a safe place to spend the night.

He decides to try to find safety in the Palace of Green Porcelain. With Weena on his shoulders, he begins to journey toward it.

Weena walks alongside him for a while, stuffing his pockets with flowers, two of which he produces for his guests. He resumes his story.

The journey takes longer than he thought, and as night falls they find themselves on the border of a great forest. The Time Traveller is out of matches, and is afraid to enter the woods with Morlocks about.

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He sets Weena down on top of a hill, and lets her sleep while he keeps watch. The night passes without harm. The Time Traveller makes a journey into the underworld. This is a common element in fiction, especially in myths. In many ways, Wells's tale is like a myth, in that it is a story of a completely different world full of symbolic meaning.