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First published: 18 April It examines how new concepts, methods and tools can be creatively applied to solve problems relevant to a wide range of topics.

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The text covers the impact of three-dimensional displays on user interaction along with the potentialities in animation and clearly explains how to create temporally sensitive visualizations. It also explores the potential for handling mobile data and representing uncertainty; as well as the role of participatory visualization systems and exploratory methods.

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Richly illustrated in full colour throughout, including numerous relevant case studies and accessible discussions of important visualization concepts to enable clearer understanding for non-technical audiences. Export Citation s.

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Export Citation. This research field offers tools and techniques to discover relationships, clusters and trends in geodata. Adapting methods from computer science and geographic knowledge discovery spatial and spatiotemporal data-patterns and information can be visualized in different types of charts, plots and combined with elements of cartography.

This article presents selected methods and techniques for two different scientific tasks: 1 To detect spatial attribute relationships of a landform linked to map. Specifically: spatial relationships of size, shape and location of thermokarst lakes, formed through permafrost degradation.

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We used star charts to visualize multivariable data and to make visible how landforms attributes are relate to each other. It depends on the example of emergency services of the City of Cologne. Unable to display preview.

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Bodendorf, F. Her research is in the visualization of complex datasets within a virtual reality environment, as well as medical visualization. Key activities and grants cover both local and nationally funded high-end visualization services as well as commercial contracts.

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