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Apr 27 - Langa 10km May 30 - Easterns 15km 15 6. Jun 27 - TimberCity Spookhill Challenge 15 5. Jul 4 - Eersterivier 15km 15 10W 5. Jul 18 - Cape Town Festival of Running 50 21 5. Jul 25 - Curro Half-Marathon 21 5. Aug 9 - Totalsports Women's Race Aug 16 - John Korasie 30km Aug 23 - Satori Camel Run Aug 29 - West Coast Half-Marathon 21 10 5.

Aug 30 - Khayelitsha 10km 10 10W 5. Sep 5 - Medihelp Tekkie Challenge 21 10 5.

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Sep 12 - Elsies Rivier 10km 10 5. Sep 13 - Chapman's Peak Half Marathon 21 Sep 19 - Old Mutual 10km 10 5. Sep 27 - Ommiedraai 10km 10 10W 5. Oct 3 - Nedbank 10km 10 5. Oct 11 - Voet of the Wine Route 21 10 5.


Oct 24 - Melkbos 15km Road Race Oct 25 - ARD 3 Vlei 10km 10 5. Nov 1 - The Landmarks Half-Marathon 21 6.

Nov 8 - Don Lock Memorial Run 15 8. Nov 14 - Art and Office Edgemead 10km 10 5. Nov 28 - Phoenix Athletics Club 10km Challenge 10 5. Dec 6 - The Bottelary Road Race 21 5. Dec 9 - Metropolitan 10km Road Race Dec 15 - Growthpoint Properties Sundowner 10km Events in December.

10km PEACE RUN - Run for Peace in the Mother City

Events in January. Events in February. Feb 1 - Spartan Harriers Firgrove Challenge 21 10 10 6. Feb 8 - Top Form 10km 10 10 5. Feb 23 - Slave Route Challenge 21 10 10 5.

Cape Cod 5k Run for the Library

Events in March. Mar 7 - Constantia Village K-Way 15km 15 Events in April. Apr 4 - Ravensmead 15km 15 10 5. Events in May. Events in June. Events in July. Jul 4 - Eersterivier 15km 15 10 5. Events in August. Aug 30 - Khayelitsha 10km 10 10 5. I never thanked her cause I could barely talk! The course was perfectly marked, The organization, the people, the tri community is amazing. I loved this race and would highly recommend it. So proud I finished. Third year in a row doing this race, the Olympic distance.

Cape Agulhas Classic Trail Run

The best organized and run event. Steve is continuously tweaking and improving this race. The diversity of this race makes it amazing from the boat jump, to the flat and fast bike to the dune sucking run. Oh, and Cape May is an amazing destination too. Race is flat. Venue is clean and accessible. Race Director is a blast. Volunteers are friendly. Neighborhoods are accommodating. The ferry jump is unforgettable. Unique swim with a party atmosphere on the boat before you jump!

Well organized, too. Will do every year that I can! The most awesome triathlon you could ever do! How many people can say they got to jump off a ferry for fun!?! This race was amazing! Very well organized and details covered. Nothing was missed. The race director was fun and informative and the energy of the event was so energetic and supportive.

Thank you for a wonderful event! You also attracted a very high quality field of competitors from the local area. Bruckner was an awesome asset along with the sports psych on the boat to ease the minds of the swimmers. That race was awesome. I had a fantastic time. Thanks for your dedication and passion. I gotta tell you, every time I wear my escape the cape shirt which is as often as I can!

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  • For all the newcomers to the ridiculously fast in this growing sport the past 5 years you really make them feel like rock stars, and that seems to be your goal. You really have it down to a science of how to run an event. I am really impressed with how you make the event so personal for everyone, and you make it your duty to see that everyone has a great time and an unforgettable experience. The current year's Athlete Guide will be uploaded weeks prior to race day. Please use last year's guide as a reference only. Print and take with you. Although you will be jumping in with people at a time, there is no danger of someone else jumping on you.

    We will wait for you to hit the water, collect yourself, and start swimmer before sending more swimmers into the water. All race items personalized bibs, shirts, etc. Thank you for your cooperation! Click HERE to join the waitlist! No exceptions. However, it can range from F. Be prepared for cold H2O! Wetsuits may be worn if the water temperature is less than 84 degrees however, if the water is between degrees all participants wearing wetsuits will not be eligible for awards.

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    • Please be aware you are swimming in an open body of water, it is imperative you are prepared for all water conditions. A: You will have everything that the individual athletes have! AKA a swim cap, sticker system, race bib and a wristband. A: You will put on the race bib for a couple of different reasons: finisher photo, finisher medal and entry into the food tent!

      A: You will jump with whichever distance you are competing with. If you are in the Olympic distance, you will jump with the Olympic athletes. If you are in the Sprint distance, you will jump with the Sprint athletes. A: Upon registration, the captain or first member will be asked to pay the full registration fee when creating the team and you will have to decide the monies amongst yourselves. A: No. Due to the flexibility of the teams being able to switch members at no cost and handling payment between several people, we do not allow this option available for teams.

      A: Yes. We encourage that all team members arrive together for athlete check-in to ensure that all the materials are accounted for. The packet will not be handed over until ALL member of the team have been checked in and have gone through the registration process. If you doing the bike leg, you will be able to get your wristband and bike stickers in order to check in your bike. A: The bib is for the runner. The swim cap is for the swimmer. The sticker sheet be for the biker. All members will have wristbands and TriTats body marked.