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If you like fast-paced stories then you won't be disappointed. Looking forward to another story from Mike Attebery! Good to have a reporter in charge. August 27, - Published on Amazon.

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Good book, and live long and prosper. I like that.

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And the whole ordeal reminded me of the small and large papers duking it out points-of-view-wise in my own town, Santa Fe. Suspense is important. This makes me wonder whether any are true. Oh, and, thanks, Mike. December 14, - Published on Amazon. Attebery's novels are interesting and usually have a subtext of social and cultural interest.

This takes place in a different locale than his other urban settings. I found it compelling and interesting and liked the lead characters. September 10, - Published on Amazon. I don't know why some of the reviews harp on about Tony Hillerman. Obviously this is a different subject matter even though it's situated in Farmington NM. It is however fast paced and engrossing enough to keep you reading until the end. Well thought out and a good mystery. Hopefully there will be more set in the Southwest forthcoming.

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New Mexico is a place for the stories. September 12, - Published on Amazon. First off, not long enough. Took awhile to get the story going. Liked the characters a lot. Wish you could have put the good cop in a coma, so he could continue to be in the story line later.

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